Born:  2006
Height at the withers: 170 cm

Travolta is very well-behaved and provides a great, safe feeling when riding, no matter if on the longe, free riding or in terrain!


Born: 2003
Height at the withers: 110 cm

Sunny is a true gem. Incredibly careful with children and always a model student.


Born: 2010
Height at the withers: 129 cm

Our wonderful Indian pony likes to do everything right, is always diligent and loves riding into the terrain. There, she is not afraid of anything.


Born: 2007
Height at the withers: 146 cm

With our lively Prinz it never gets boring. He keenly jumps across obstacles and also puts on a good show in front of the carriage.


Born: 2009
Height at the withers: 147 cm

Tatjana is our kindred spirit. No matter if hacking, longe, jumping or simply cuddling - with her everything is pure joy!


Born: 2017
Height at the withers: 152 cm

Stern is our laid-back Haflinger lad. He grew up here with us and is a charmer who wants to do everything right.


Born: 2017
Height at the withers: 140 cm

Melodie is Lillifee’s daughter, and saw the light of day here at the farm. Her nice, calm nature makes working with her very easy.


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