Tamara Rollmann

Exercise instructor riding
EMMET 4 Horses Practioner

What I enjoy most is teaching my students how to fairly interact with the horse as a partner, and giving them as much knowledge as possible on the way.

Nema Partholl


I’m training to be qualified in horse management, I have a passion for caring for horses since as long as I can remember, and love working with them. During my training I want to learn as much as possible in this specialist field, to show new riders how to properly interact with horses, too.

Sophie Tappeiner

Pedagogical riding

Horses have been my passion ever since I was a little girl. To me it’s important that children learn to understand the horse and its language with play and fun.

Silvia Zangerle

Exercise instructor riding
Pedagogical riding (concentration coach with horse, dyscalculia and dyslexia coach with horse, dip. learning coach with horse)

It’s always been my great passion to work with horses, I very much enjoy sharing this passion with children and adults and, most of all, seeing how much fun, joy and ambition can be developed with the horses.

Lisa Fleischhacker

Riding instructor
Fully qualified groom
Dip. mental skills coach

I immensely enjoy passing on my knowledge to riding students. My students are taught to think and feel for themselves. I place great value on good seating, respectful interaction with each other and with the horse.


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